Welcome to Buccaneer Bodyguard. You take control of a pirate/adventurer who has found a hidden treasure. However, you aren't the only one. You must defend your island from the army of invaders who wish to steal it from you. Try to last as long as possible!


  • You have 3 hp, and every time an enemy reaches you, you lose an hp.
  • Aim with the mouse cursor and click where you want to shoot on the screen, use this to hit the enemies and destroy them
  • Ships have 3 hits of health and parachuters have 1 hit of health.
  • Over time, the enemies will come at you in bigger number so beware.
  • Over time, you will get one of 3 random powerups every 30 seconds
    • Increase health
    • Increase shooting rate
    • Increase speed of cannonballs


Art by cookedpatato

Menu Music by Marisol

Gameplay Music from Joshua Mclean's Royalty Free Music

Contains music ©2019 Joshua McLean (
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

Made in 3 days for Weekly Game Jam 141 and Minijam 50

My Highscore is 452! Try to beat it (it's hard)


Download 22 MB


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Nice game, but it needs to be more dynamic. In the score of 600 I got bored and killed myself in the game. Also, I suggest putting a record board in the beginning, it'll give more motive for continuing playing and the music to be more dinamic too.

Thanks! I really tried to simplify the game to the point where I might've made it too simple but im glad you enjoyed my game despite the problems!

yea so 10 minutes man '^^, some horizontally flying parachuters woulda been cool too :)

seems easy at first nice game.