A downloadable game for Windows

A short little game I made for Weekly Game Jam Week 130! The collision is kind of a buggy mess, but it's my first solo game jam game so I am proud of it for that!

Length: 15 Minutes at most


Click and drag the player character around to move him. You can also move certain objects by clicking and dragging as well! Use this ability to kill the player character by dropping him into lava!

R is to Restart

Q is to Quit the game


Music from  Alexandr Zhelanov 




Death Inc Build.zip 25 MB
extra_controls.txt 193 bytes

Install instructions

Thanks for downloading!


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Hey man, I did my full 10-minute review during my Twitch Stream tonight (twitch.tv/aaknox), but I'm going to summarize what I said during my review:

Art: Very simple. I love the pixel art dummy!

Animations and Controls: Controls were simple to understand. But the game physics wasn't well executed. I exploited the fact that the dummy can phase through the walls to finish the game without using the keys.

Overall gameplay: This is a great first solo game. Keep expanding on your knowledge and you'll be great before you know it. The story behind your game is telling of what type of game developer you can (a future great :) ).

Sounds and Music: I honestly startled me at first, but it's still good. Just might want to bring it down a notch.

Hope this review helps you grow!

Thanks for the feedback! I knew about the physics but I was already super low on time so I tried to deal with it as best as I could so I could turn it in on time. Still, I learned a lot during the process and by reading all the feedback so I'll definitely keep this in mind for my next game!