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Welcome to Droplet!

Do you remember those puzzles you played as a kid? You know, the kind of puzzle where you rotate the object to get the little ball to the end! Well this is that, but in game form!

You control a little droplet of water trying to get back to his droplet friends with YOUR help. Twist and turn the puzzle around to guide the Droplet to his sewer hole! Beware though, as if he touches something hot he will evaporate. You don't want that do you? Then get this little droplet to his rightful home!


A and D - Moves the box left and right, which also moves the little droplet around

Q - Pause the game or go back to the main menu.

That's it! Now go out there and have fun! 

Music and SFX

Made for WGJ 143

*Also gameplay music is really quiet for some reason but its there

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Creative, Difficult, Funny, Pixel Art, Rotation, Singleplayer, underwater, weird


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I enjoyed this


Hey, I had a lot of fun playing through Droplet! Reminded me of some toys I had when I was a kid. Fun stuff!

Very nice, enjoyed playing!

Great level design! The concept is also quite cool. I do have one piece of feedback. The physics on the water droplet is a little slow and could be a bit faster. Otherwise, a good game!

Thanks! The physics was one thing that i struggled to do but yeah the droplet does seem awfully heavy...

Brilliant! I like this game alot! =].

Adding some animations will take this game to the next level visually. The design and gameplay is definitely there!