Welcome to Flight Control! In this game, you take control of an Air Traffic Controller  to manage the flight paths of several airplanes so that they don't all crash into each other! To do this, you need to click on each plane to select it and click at the destination you intend the plane to go! Each plane needs to get to the corresponding color island, so make sure your planes are going the right way! As long as at least half of the plane is touching the island, the landing will be counted as successful. any of the planes crash or don't reach their destination, the level will restart, so feel free to go about the puzzle one plane at a time instead of trying to adjust every plane every time!

DISCLAIMER : This game is HARD, but every level is indeed possible!

Select Destination: Click on the center of a plane and then click again on the destination you wish to go to.

Start The Planes: Press the "Fly!" button that appears on the screen when all planes have a destination or alternatively press A.

FlamingSparrow : Programming and Art

tomatohorse : Music/SFX and Additional Programming

Music may be a little quiet so turn up your volume if that's the case.


Download 24 MB


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I love your brain, what a weird and wonderful idea!


Great game design idea! This game is simple yet challenging as you progress. Just a crazy idea why not add a hurricane or tornado as a harder obstacle 


This is a neat game you have made. The flight pattern mechanic is pretty interesting. It would be nice to be able to tweak the failed flight patterns when you lose, rather than having to redo everything. Other than that, pretty cool game.