This is FramePerfect, a simple platforming game with a unique twist! Your character is equipped with a special camera that has the ability to move the bounds of the screen.! Use this ability to make your way through this strange and colorful world.

(Currently only has three levels due to time constraints so it is more of a demo/concept than a full game.)

How to play :

* The goal of the game is to reach the goal (which is a ripple effect for now)

* Move with A and D keyboard keys

*Jump with Space

*Hold C to switch the camera's mode, Arrows to move the camera's frame or drag and drop it where you want.

* The camera side's bounds behave as a wall so you call wall-slide / wall-jump on them!

*If you hold it for too long, you will run out of battery's charge!

*You can fill the battery again with the batteries that spawn on the map

*The triangle is called the SHYBEAM and you turn it off by putting the source(triangle) in frame.

*ESC to pause and restart, main menu, or resume

If you will play the Webgl's version : PLEASE PLAY IN FULL SCREEN!

This isn't really a full game, it's more of a demo/proof of concept so it's far from finished but enjoy! We hope to make it into a full game post-jam so if you're interested in following it or helping out, hit us up!

Also, the downloadable version is less buggy so try that if you're having issues. WebGL does weird things sometimes.

Github Page

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsFlamingSparrow, Ayoub Gharbi, MancerMusic, ScarletBat
Made withUnity
Tags2D, gameoff2019, GitHub, Puzzle-Platformer, Tilemap


Download 30 MB

Install instructions

This game Includes:

* Webgl version 

* Windows version


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Here's my gameplay critique of FramePerfect!

I agree with TJSteel in that the camera should be made to either only reduce a single battery segment upon a set/movement of the camera, or the camera should be infinite. For this specific interpretation of the mechanic with a more fluid non-grid based platformer, I believe infinite battery for the camera would work much better, and the puzzles could more come from clever level design.

Overall, really nice work, I can't wait to see your growth :D


Watch Game Jam Feedback 2019-12-15 from MrJoshuaMcLean on


I loved the gameplay and the innovation. If you ever happen to continue working on it, it would be pretty nice

I liked the mechanics incluiding the wall jump, however, I found it to be slightly weird to find it, It was pretty fun



it's an interesting concept and i had fun playing it

Feedback for this I'd say that I'm not sure the camera is best implemented, I feel the battery runs out far too quick, so if you're viewing the level and trying to work out a solution, the battery runs out before you even use the skill of moving it, but I think it could work really well. I'd suggest to change the mechanic slightly to have the battery run out by 1 bar only if you actually move it, this way you could have x amount of moves per level and you could freely browse the level to calculate your solution,

other than that I thought the game was pretty good :)

Thanks for the feedback!


Very interesting mechanic! I didn't realize I could use the camera as a floor until I read about using the bounds in the description. I think with some refinement this could be a pretty decent puzzle game with multiple levels. Kudos for the nice art style as well

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!