Also, there is a bug that causes some objects to disappear but pressing space will fix this issue.

Welcome to MegaVoid, a spiritual successor/remake of one of my first games!


WASD to move, however once the little robot gets moving, it won't stop until it hits a wall, so plan your movements accordingly!

Space to enter a parallel dimension, where the shape of the level can sometimes be different! Use this special ability, going from dimension to dimension to escape the void!

R is to restart the level in case you get stuck!

There are also mystical barriers and special buttons that disable those barriers! Land on a button to shut down the barrier and get to the end.

The Goal? - To reach the end of the room and get one step closer to freedom!

Music - MD Wade
Programming - FlamingSparrow

Dev Note : This  game is missing a lot and I do wish I could've done more with it but who knows? Maybe I will add on to the game in the future! Only time will tell. (Edit: ITS HAPPENING)


Download 20 MB

Development log


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Great Game man! Music could be much more rhythmic, more long, but staying this relaxing vibe. This music the way it is makes me sleepy. In a demo is no problem but if i played longer surely i would sleep in the middle of the game xD

This was good! Add some more levels. I can see this becoming really challenging.

Sure! I added two more levels to the game just now! 


Thank you for having me do music, was great working with you. Even though the game is pretty simple, it does some pretty neat things. Nice little entry you got together here! :)

Super Cool! Love the concept!

Thanks! I really ran out of time on this one and I was unsure if people would like it, but this lifted my spirits a bit!