*Also music in the gameplay portion is a bit quiet so you may have to turn up the volume

Welcome to Pool Party, the fun 1v1 hybrid fighting game where the goal is to capture the opponents floatie to 100% and take it over before they can capture yours! To defend and get rid of your opponent, you can use your trusty pool noodle to slash at the enemy and possibly knock them into one of the two trap cages in the battlefield. These cages, if touched, temporarily trap the player for a few seconds, leaving the other player time to go capture the person's floatie. After they dissapear,  they take a few seconds to respawn so don't think you're safe! That's it! Capture the opponents floatie and rise to victory!


Player 1 (Left Side):

  • WASD to move and jump.
  • C to attack with your noodle

Player 2 (Right Side):

  • Arrow Keys to move and jump.
  • M to attack with your noodle


FlamingSparrow(me) - Programmer

Cookedpatato - Artist

FoxHyode - Musician

Dev Note: This was my first multiplayer game as well as the first fighting game I've ever made, and I think, considering that, this game turned out pretty well.


Download 28 MB


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Nice interpretation of the theme :) Nice work, though it got pretty crowded in the cage when we both got locked in there :O

Loved the music!!! nice game