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This is Treasure of The Deep! This is a game where you take control of a diver who  dives down into the ocean in order to find the greatest treasure to ever be discovered! Along the way, he will collect several other goodies that he can take back to the surface and sell for upgrades to his oxygen since if he loses all of his oxygen in the ocean, he will lose everything.

So he has to dive down, get some treasure, and get back to the surface before his oxygen runs out and as he upgrades his suit and gets more oxygen, he has a better chance of getting the ultimate treasure and getting out alive! 


WASD to move around, collecting treasure scattered along the ocean to increase his money total and getting to the surface with the money before he runs out of oxygen and dies.

Every time you resurface, you will be taken to a merchant where you can upgrade your gear for the next dive!

Good Luck!

Artist : Teshia Bennett  https://serbus.itch.io/

Music: ImperialN17  https://imperial-scorer.itch.io/

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Tags2D, Action-Adventure, Metroidvania, Pixel Art, Roguelike, underwater


MAC.zip 29 MB
Windows.zip 26 MB

Install instructions

Select Mac for mac and windows for windows lol.


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Overall, I like it a lot. The quick gameplay loop is addictive, the visuals are well done and the music tracks are perfect for underwater exploration. Big pluses for that splash screen at the start and the shipwreck. Very cool!

Some (hopefully) constructive feedback:

-I love that grabbing the money has a sound effect, it contributes to a sense of addictive replay. I would have liked to see a sound or animation or something when buying gear from the shop. Even a little sign that said "SOLD OUT," would have worked. Anything to reinforce that process with some kind of player feedback. On a related note, was cool to see the gear on the player avatar.

-From a system design standpoint: a little "breather" at the very start would be nice. Because you start with such little breath and you immediately begin drowning, on my very first play I died before I really knew what was happening. I could see something like this working: on-screen text that reads "Dive down to start!" and then the breath meter begins as soon as the player goes down.

Lovely overall, thanks for sharing!

Thank you for the thorough critique and compliments. ^_^


Well done!  I died several times from giving in to my greed.  Very well rounded game.


Neat game. I really like the dilemma of trying to go deeper for the sweet loot but the dangers of doing so. I think this game could really benefit from having some enemies and some more diverse upgrades other than just a longer timer. Good work!

Thanks! We originally planned on enemies but couldn't get to it in time.